Timberlines forte is Antelope hunting. Considering that there are more Antelope statewide than people, Wyoming is Antelope heaven. Antelope are the fastest land animals in North America which you’ll find out once you hunt them. A very exciting hunt with lots of action!

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Timberline archery antelope hunts are from mid August to mid September. We have great success rates with many trophies making Pope and Young. We set up comfortable box blinds which sit over water holes where the hunter can expect shots between 10-30 yards. Our private ranches are just outside of Cheyenne so our hunters stay in town at a motel. Accommodations are taken care of as well as breakfast and lunch. Success rates are very high with around 90% of hunters harvesting bucks.

We have numerous private ranches on which we hunt antelope as well as public lands. Hunter success rate on antelope has been 100% for the past three years! Opportunity has been 100% throughout Timberline History. We use the spot and stalk method and typical shot ranges are 100-300 and some out to 400+ yards, which can really test shooting skills. We have taken numerous animals over the years that have qualified fort the Boone and Crocket books. Expect to see lots of animals and do a ton of shootin!

Licenses are on a draw basis but have been 100% in the past. If unsuccessful in drawing first choice area, we always have a backup area for hunters. We offer additional doe/fawn tags which are over the counter $29.


Camp Hunt/Wall Tent
3 days
Private Ranch/Motel/Bunkhouse
3 days
Private Ranch with additional Doe tag
3 days
Archery Private Ranch
4 days
Deer/Antelope Combo Camp
6 days
Deer/Antelope Combo Private
5 days


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"A week and a few days have passed since our trip to Wyoming and I still catch myself thinking about it every fifteen minutes or so. Wow! What a great time we had. Timberline Outfitters and your entire staff is certainly a "top of the line," professional outfit. The area you provided us to hunt was larger than I ever imagined it would be, and the selection of game was wonderful. "

Ron and Lindsey Ewert (KS)