We offer Mule Deer hunts and Whitetail Deer hunts in Wyoming and Nebraska. Some areas we hunt have both Mulies and Whitetails and since tags are good for either you don't even have to decide which to hunt for until you get here.

Wyoming mule deer hunting

Nebraska mule deer hunting

Wyoming whitetail deer hunting

Nebraska whitetail deer hunting

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Wyoming Mule Deer Hunting
Timberline specializes in the Mule Deer/Antelope combo hunt which is a great value for quality hunting! We hunt Mulies on private ground as well as BLM land. We have very high success rates with many hunters going home with quality trophies. The spot and stalk method is used with a bit of still-hunting when movement is low. We offer Mule Deer hunts starting on October 1st in Wyoming all the way through December in Nebraska. All licenses are a draw but hunters have had no problem getting tags in the past. Depending on the hunt, lodging is either a ranch style house or wall tents at camp.

Wyoming Whitetail Deer Hunting
We hunt Whitetails on private land where creek bottoms hold some quality bucks. Wyoming isn't known for big Whitetail Deer, which is a good thing because we have them and most hunters don't know about it! We use tree stands and spot and stalk methods. Timberline offers Whitetail hunting in Wyoming and Nebraska during the months of November and December. All prices include meals and accomodation.



Camp Hunt/Wall Tent
4 days
Private Ranch/Bunkhouse
3 days
Deer/Antelope Combo Camp
6 days
Deer/Antelope Combo Private
5 days

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