One of North America’s greatest big game trophies is Elk and Wyoming has some of the best Elk hunting. Timberline offers archery and rifle Elk hunts on private and public lands. All licenses are on a draw basis with tough odds, so accumulating preference points is advised.

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Wyoming Archery Elk Hunting
Our archery Elk camp is located in the wilderness and takes place during the month of September when the rut is in full kick. No pack in and camp consists of wall tents for accommodation. Experienced guides do their best to bugle in the big one for a close shot. Physical conditioning cannot be stressed enough. Success rates of drawing a tag in this area are better than at our private ranch due to numbers of applications. This is a fun, exciting and extremely intense hunt! Remember crossbows are legal for archery season in Wyoming.

Wyoming Rifle Elk Hunting
We hunt a few different Elk areas during rifle season. Depending on the hunt, lodging is either ranch cabin or wall tent camp. The spot and stalk method is used on rifle hunts with ranges typically from 100-300 yards. Licenses are not easy to draw so remember to put in for preference points with the Wyoming game and fish department. gf.state.wy.us/ We have had a 100% success rate of bull harvests in the past four years! Application deadline is January 31st.


Camp Hunt/Wall Tent
6 days
Private Ranch/Bunkhouse
5 days
Cow Elk (100% draw)
4 days
Archery Elk Wilderness
6 days

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