Mountain lion tags are over the counter in Wyoming! This grueling hunt is like no other. We have a tremendous success rate on our six day mountain lion hunts. The season runs from October through March. The best conditions are when fresh snow hits the ground for tracking. We use a pack of blue tick hounds and you won't find a guide anywhere that will work as hard for you as our "Lion Guy" Steve! Come hunt cougars with Timberline, you're guaranteed a license.


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Licenses $362 over the counter

Mountain Lion
6 days

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"I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the areas you hunt and the quality of attitude and effort I recieved during my hunt with your operation. I have taken groups over the years to Africa several times, hunted many Alaska areas, have been to Kyrgyzstan, Canada, the Arctic, and too many times to count on Western hunts. I've had a good amount of hunting and outfitter experience, have been fortunate to see many places I thought I could only dream of, and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the hunting world. I have never though,..NEVER....hunted with anyone who I felt put in more effort, more commitment, and tried harder...nor had a better attitude in an attempt to make me successful than did you, your guide Steve and his cat dogs."

Jim Weinkauf (MN)